I've seen several posts talking about the same thing but couldn't get enough information to decide. Basically my requirement is that I have to generate word & pdf versions of documents on the server side. These will be generated on the fly by merging several templates, inserting some charts and images, populating data from a database and create a table on contents. Based on what I've explored my options seem to be
1. Use VSTO with data islands, although I've not really looked in-depth into it to see if it is possible to merge several templates with this option.
2. Use WordML, though it seems a little too much XML work and I have absolutely no idea how I can generate a TOC in WordML.
3. Use third party tools.
I'm looking up the WordML and VSTO documentation but cannot really get a feel for whether the things I want to are possible or not. Maybe I need to do a proof of concept example to see if it works. But I'd love to get some feedback and starting points.
The development environment is .NET 2.0 and Office 2003.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Generate Word Documents server-side

Mohit Gupta - MSFT


VSTO does not support merging of Word templates. Also, our server model does not support the addition/removal or manipulation of the Office UI components. In your scenario, I do not believe that VSTO will be very helpful. WordML may be the way to go for you.