OK, first of all I know this is probably in the wrong board, and probably the wrong forum entirely, but my question relates to Word documents and I thought a good place to start looking for a solution would be the MSDN forums.

Anyway, I'm currently developing an application in Java (I know, I should probably be posting over on the Sun forums or somewhere - that will be my next port of call!). Part of the application requires the reading in of Word documents and storing the textual content as simple text.
I've read that this is relatively easy to do with Visual Studio but does anyone know how I would go about it using Java Or could anyway point me to a resource which gives an example of how to do this

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Convert .doc to simple text

Cindy Meister

The "Please Read First" message at the top of this forum contains a list of resources. For working with Office applications outside of VSTO, I recommand the office.developer set of newsgroups. You might try office.developer.automation. There aren't a lot of discussions revolving around using Java. But if you can find a Java forum that tells you how to automate Office applications, in general, you can get the object model information there, or in one of the word.vba newsgroups.

When you post, be sure to mention which version of Word you're targeting.

FWIW, there's nothing special or particular in Visual Studio for doing what you want to do. The approach would be the same for any software that can automate an Office COM application.