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I have created a word template that presents a UI in ActionsPanelControl on start up that is used to populate bookmarks. I see the UI when I run the project in Debug or release mode or by opening the template from the Debug or release folder. But when I copy the .dll and .dot file (in same folder) to some other location I dont see the UI I dont even get the error message that states that the current .NET security policy does not permit the customization to run. I am wondering what is going here


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Managed code extensions not working for word template

Ji Zhou C MSFT


If the new dll and document are in the same directory, you should just trust the new dll using caspol

If the new dll and document are not in the same directory, two things to do to make it work:

Update the manifest embedded in the document.

Trust the dll in new location using caspol

Please refer the following two walkthroughs to get the detailed information.