Brian Norman

I have a very odd situation, if anyone can give me some ideas to test it would be much appreciated.

I am experiencing speed / timout issues with one particular remote sql server when connecting from my vista development machine. Here is what I am working with:

Vista Ultimate RTM
SQL Server Management Studio (SP2 applied)
And the remote server is SQL 2005 (sp1)

I have found only when connecting to this server from my vista machine (other remote servers have no issues, also running sql 2005 sp1), that it takes ages to get the list of databases available and I get timouts when trying to open tables with anything over about 200 rows. I also get the same issues when connecting from .net code im writing so its not specific to Management Studio.

I have tried the same server connecting from a pc with windows 2003, on the same network as my vista pc, and this has no problems at all.

From this I have summised 2 possible reasons:

1) For some reason my vista is causing issues
2) For some reason the hardware settup of my development pc has some networking issues


Brian Norman