Glen C

Good Morning All,

I am currently using SQL Express 2005, and am having a problem with it.

Does anyone know if the Integration Services is available in this version, or does it only work with a full version on mssql

I also cannot find the Legacy & DTS folders that would normally reside under the management folder in MSSQL. Is this once again due to the fact that I am only running express and not a full version

I am trying to run a DTS package, but cannot do it without these options.



Re: SQL Express 2005

Arnie Rowland

SQL Express does not include Integration Services.

However, you can execute a DTS package with the command line tool: DTSRun.exe.

Look in Books Online, Topic: DTSRun

Download Books Online here.

Re: SQL Express 2005

Glen C

Hi Arnie,

Thanks for your help with the above.

Just in the process of downloading the book, but will take a while.

Where abouts is the command line to run the dts package.



Re: SQL Express 2005

Arnie Rowland

(Sorry for the delay, somehow my response was attached to a duplicate copy of your note that had been deleted. So I had to go find it and copy the response here. Very odd indeed.)

DTSRun.exe should execute from a command prompt.

DTSRun.exe 'should' be located in c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn

If you don't have it, you can download it from here.

Re: SQL Express 2005

Glen C

Hi Arnie,

Sorrry about that, I somehow ended up with a duplicate post.

I have found the cmd prompt, and tried to run, however I am not sure which of the varaibles I would need to enter into the command line.

The cmd prompts gives several options, its just not clear on which ones that I need to use to run/import the dts.

Is it something like;

dtsrun /~s [servername] [/~n [FILENAME]]

Do all of the options have to be used in the cmd line and how does it locate the dts package file


Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Usage: dtsrun /option [value] [/option [value]] ...
Options ('/ ' shows this screen; '-' May be substituted for '/'):

Package retrieval:
/~S Server Name
/~U User Name
/~P Password
/E <Use trusted connection instead of /U /P>
/~N Package Name
/~M Package Password
/~G Package Guid String
/~V Package Version Guid String
/~F Structured Storage UNC filename (overwritten if /S also specified)
/~R Repository Database Name <uses default if blank; loads package from repo
sitory database>

Package operation (overrides stored Package settings):
/~A Global Variable Name:typeid=Value <may quote entire string (including na
/~L Log file name
/~W Write Completion Status to Windows Event Log <True or False>

DTSRun action (default is to execute Package):
/!X <Do not execute; retrieves Package to /F filename>
/!D <Do not execute; drop package from SQL Server (cannot drop from Storage
/!Y <Do not execute; output encrypted command line>
/!C <Copies command line to Windows clipboard (may be used with /!Y and /!X)

~ is optional; if present, the parameter is hex text of encrypted value (0x3
Whitespace between command switch and value is optional
Embedded whitespace in values must be embedded in double-quotes
If an option is specified multiple times, the last one wins (except multiple


I have downloaded the manuals, but its not very clear in them.

Is there an easier way to run this, other than a command line prompt

Any thoughts