Mateus Stock

Ive just installed VS2005 Pro and SQL Server Developer edition.

Now I want to set the default paths for project, templates, settings. But I want for both VS and SQL files.

For example, right now the default folders for SQL Studio are:

.\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Projects

.\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Settings

.\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Templates

.\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Backup Files

... and so on.

For VS Studio:

.\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects

.\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates

.\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Code Snippets

... and so on.

I would like for all sub-folders(from SQL Server and VS) to be in one same folder(Development), for example:

.\My Documents\Development\Projects

.\My Documents\Development\Settings

.\My Documents\Development\Templates

.\My Documents\Development\Backup Files

.\My Documents\Development\Code Snippets

... and so on.

I have tried changing in each application¡¯s options the default path for each one, pointing to each folder I listed above.

My problem is that both VS and SQL Server still keeps creating folders in the old locations, for example: ".\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Projects". This example happens when I create a new query, and try to save it, it automatically creates that folder.

It only works for a few of them, like the settings folder. Ive managed to create a single folder for SQL and VS setting files.

Is there a way I can join both Application folders I want to keep both projects files in one folder, both setting files in one folder, and so on...

I hope I explained well my situation.


Re: How to set SQL Server and VS default folder paths?

Justin King

In VS 2005 you can change default directories by going to Tools >> Options menu then selecting Projects and Solutions.

In SQL Management Studio I believe it opens your last known file path you opened.

Justin King

Re: How to set SQL Server and VS default folder paths?


SQL Server Managemetn Studio does not retain your file location between sessions. As far as I can tell there is no way to change this and the MS help facility neither confirms nor denies this assumption.

Re: How to set SQL Server and VS default folder paths?


So its not possible to change that

Ive changed all places in the registry (all the keys I think might change that)
Still it creates the folders. Are there other places I can change that

Thanks for the help.