I have setup report subcription with stored credential using a valid domain account and "Use as Window Credentials..." checked. Everything tested fine and works properly when the report is viewed in a web application. The problem is this report renders fine in the browser 80% of the time and occasionally it gives me Logon failure error:

An error has occurred during report processing (rsProcessingAborted)

Cannot impersonate user for data source 'Pinnacle'. (rsErrorImpersonatingUser)

Logon failed. (rsLoginFailed)

Logon failed: unknown user name or bad password. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052E)

Since the report is working 80% of the time and the user domain account hasn't changed. I am confused why I am getting bad user account error. Please help!



Re: Report subscription only works 80% of the time.

Lukasz Pawlowski -- MS

This sounds like a network connectivity issue - if the security authority is not available when we try to login the data source credential user, you'll see behavior like this. At the time the subscription fails, are you able to connect to the data source as the same credentialed user