Hello !

I have an Analysis global cube. I extract from this cube filtered offline cubes (.cub files) for some nomad users (i'm using the create global cube MDX query).

I have some server reports that have the global olap cube as shared datasource. The offline users will have SQL Express Advanced on their laptops so they can access the same reports with their own data (the extracted .cub files).

I tried this connexion string for offline reports with integrated SSPI:

Provider=MSOLAP.3;Data Source=D:\MyData.cub;Initial Catalog=test

The connexion to the local .cub file works fine but i had a lot of errors concerning the report parameters/datasets.

I really have to keep the report parameters (for reports init and data filtering) and i have nothing other than the .cub files.

I tried :

- rendering the same reports in excel 2003 pivot table but no parameters and no calculated items with .cub files.

- converting the .rdl to .rdlc reports and use them in the reportviewer control (in .aspx web form) -> Same problem : No report parameters and no calculations and all the datasets have to be updated.

Can anyone help me please

Thanks a lot.