James Johnson - DD

Data Dynamics is pleased to announce that the Data Dynamics Reports public beta has been released.

Introducing Data Dynamics Reports, a new royalty-free reporting toolkit for Microsoft .NET developers. Based on the Report Definition Language (RDL), Data Dynamics Reports integrates into Web and Windows Forms applications and provides a rich API with which to create and modify reports.

In addition to the base features provided by RDL, Data Dynamics Reports has added several new features to make your reports really shine.

  • Master Reports allow report authors to define a common set of data sources, data sets, report parameters, and report items that can be used on multiple reports. Master Reports are more than just a template, as updating the master report will update all reports that use it.
  • Report Themes allow report authors to specify a common set of colors, images, and font styles to be used on reports.
  • Data Visualizers use images and colors to call attention to particular data or to give them the gist of what is going on compared to the rest of the data.
  • Data Dynamics Reports supports many different data sources including
    • SQL Server
    • OLE DB
    • XML
    • Oracle
    • ADO.NET DataSets
    • .NET Objects
  • Many different rendering targets: Multiple Image formats, PDF, Word, XML, XHTML + CSS
  • Barcode report item enables authors to include barcodes in their report from over 20 different barcode symbologies
  • Formatted Text report item allows report authors to embed XHTML and CSS content in their reports
  • ASP.NET Viewer Control uses AJAX to provide a clean report viewing experience
  • Report designer control for Windows Forms gives users the full report designer environment
Data Dynamics Reports can be downloaded from the product site.