Renan Souza

Good morning,

Well... As I said in other topics, I'm doing a clustering plugin for text mining. I'm facing many problems and, with your help, solving them one by one.

First of all, thanks a lot again.

Well... I've made a clustering function that is actually working very well. But I'm exporting its results to a log file I use as an algorithm trace for debugging.

My clustering method returns a vector containing information of what cluster each register belongs. For instance:

vector[0] = 1 -> The register of index 0 belongs to cluster 1.

vector[1] = 9 -> The register of index 1 belongs to cluster 9.

vector[2] = 2 -> The register of index 2 belongs to cluster 2.


And so on.

But... I know that none of the Navigation methods receives a structure like this one discribed above. I only use it to log the results to debug the algorithm.

But how to pass this information (what register (or test case) belongs to what cluster) to the Navigation

Thanks a lot again, and any help will be very appreciated.


Re: custom plugin error: how to pass information to Mining Model Viewer?

Bogdan Crivat

Actually, you can use the GetNodeDistribution method of the navigator, then use the ATTRIBUTE_NAME and ATTRIBUTE_VALUE properties of a distribution row to present, say, the register index and the cluster. Effectively, NODE_DISTRIBUTION is a table inside a content node.

The tutorial for managed plug-in algorithms (as well as the sample) detail how to add custom rows to a NODE_DISTRIBUTION (nodes that are not attribute/value pairs). The information is useful even if you use the C++ infrastructure