Jan Gossen

If work on SQL Server 2005 (German) with SP1 installed.

When I create a new maintenance plan, I allways get the error message "no description found" and the plan ist not saved.

When I use the wizard, the maintenance plan is fine and works. But if I edit the plan same error message prohibits to save changes.

I found many threads with the same problem but I found no solution nor an explanation why this error is returned.

Thanks for any assumption, where the problem might be.

Re: SQL Server 2005 Can't save Maintenance Plans

Rafael Salas


This is a SSIS forum. I am moving this thread to the database engine forum.

Re: SQL Server 2005 Can't save Maintenance Plans


Worked fine for me after SP1, but then the problem showed on machines running SP2, including my laptop.  Thinking this might be the cause, I removed SQL Server from my machine, installed it, and created a maintenance plan.  Then I applied SP2, expecting it to break.  It didn't.  Even better, I can now connect to my production machines and edit their plans, too (which is to say the problem was on my machine).  Don't know what's different, but it works now.

One thing I noticed: SP2 (or maybe SP1) adds "sub-plans" to the maintenance plan, for whatever that's worth.

Using Management Studio at SP2 to edit maintenance plans on an SP1 system may cause this error.  Also note maintenance plans set to go with SQL Server logins "forget" this during edit; shows up as a syntax error in the job log.

Hope this helps - Liston