I am trying to install the Developer edition I think it is installed properly but how can I connect to it What management tool can I use You can probably see that I am unfamiliar with SQL 2005 . These might be dumb questions but is there a tutorial on how to install SQL 2005 connect it and then connect Visual Studio Pro to it

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No Prob:

Tell me did u install the file on server or your desktop.

If on server and if you want to go to server then : Click start > Program > Accessories > Communication > Remote Desktop Connection.

Put your username and password and u will be on server.

From your desktop : Open SQL Server management studio from programs and click connect in the object explorer and thn enter your server IP address or Instace name under Desktop Engine or Analysis Services etc. ....IF windows authentication is allowed, then click connect, thatz it ,....now u are on server databases,.

Let me know, if you any question.

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Madhu K Nair

If you have installed the instance then check the service is started or not... You can check from Services.mmc in control pannel. I think you might have installed the instance but you have not installed Tools. You must choose workstaion component to get the tools get installed. Tools are nothing but SQL Server Management Studio. And also make sure that the server is enabled for Remote connection.



http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx PostID=2276486&SiteID=1


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Thank You Madhu. This is the information I needed for this problem.