M Arrabi


We have an SSIS job that runs once a day and sends emails.
For security reasons, IT switched the send-mail porton the smtp server from 25 to a different number (let's say 1234).

So, I changed the SSIS SMTP Connection Manager's smtpServer string to smptserver:1234

However, this does not seem to be working. I keep getting 'Send Mail Failure' error.

Any ideas how to set the port number for sending emails using SSIS

thanks much,
Cobalt Group

Re: How to set port number on smtp connection manager send mail task

Phil Brammer

You cannot change the port. Changing the SMTP port from 25 to some other port number is a bad idea, IMHO.

I don't understand why changing the port is considered "secure" with respect to SMTP -- especially with internal SMTP servers. Your company's external STMP ports are still set to port 25, so why change the behavior. Sounds like lazy security practices to me.

Your other option inside SSIS may be to use a .Net script or use sp_send_dbmail inside SQL Server (a transact-sql command)