We have a large project that is importing msado21.tlb. We want to import least msado25.tlb to access the ADODB::_Stream object, but are unsure what exactly this entails. I've noticed no problems testing that change, but I cannot find any changelog for the MDAC upgrade. Is anyone aware of, or can point me to, a list of changes (fixes, modifications, caveats, etc) between MDAC 2.1 and MDAC 2.5 The binary msado file is always much newer, of course, but we want to link with the older type libraries to maintain maximum compatibility.

Any help is appreciated, I'm at a dead end!

Re: Old MDAC changes, 2.1 - 2.5

Anton Klimov - MSFT

Some of the MDAC 2.5 changes are discussed here:

You can look at the readme for 2.5 RTM which discusses the changes for that version.
See the download for MDAC 2.5 and find MDAC readme html file in the package. FamilyID=83e8f178-94c9-4e7d-b0b6-a8a94c4eb912&DisplayLang=en