VB express and SQL express are on the same desktop. I have an application in VB that works fine.The issue I have is if I go into SQL Management to work on the DBand then close SQL Management Express. When I go back to execute my VB application I get a message like this " Login failed for "user name" file is in use by another application". If I reboot my system and then run the VB application it works OK. I've tried doing a disconnect before I exit SQL Management but this had no affect on the problem. Is there something I need to do when I exit SQL Management Express so I can immediatley run my VB applicaton without having to reboot

Re: Cannot Login

Adamus Turner

You probably have open transactions.

Before closing SQL EE, Comit Transaction a few times, then close it.


Re: Cannot Login

Madhu K Nair

i guess you are using User Insatance. this is a common problem in userinstance of sql server express

Refer this link :


if you are not aware of User Instance , post back the connection string used in your application. I think , you don't really need to use Userinstance. in that case you can use normal connection string.