Is there a way when launching action to call a URL, I can pass the name of the measure select by users

We have a cube with multiple measures (included calculated member measures), when a user select a cell under measure A, I need to pass the name A to the URL to ASP.NET application. Similarly, when a user click measure B cell to fire up action, I need to pass measuer name B on URL the the web applicatoin.

Currently, I can pass dimension CurrentMember w/o problem, is there a similar measure CurrentMember function I can use


Re: Detect and Passing measure name in Action

Christopher Webb

CurrentMember should work on the Measures dimension in exactly the same way as on other dimensions, so by using something like Measures.CurrentMember.Name you should be able to get hold of the name of the current measure. Using the UrlEscapeFragment function (see http://cwebbbi.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!7B84B0F2C239489A!517.entry) will get rid of any url-unfriendly characters.