Felix Adhitya

Hi All,

I would need your help please.

I just installed a new fresh SQL server under Windows 2000 Advanced server SP 4

1. Firstly i tried to run normal database backup to a folder by select backup database then run manually and it ran very well. Then i tried to run it with schedule as sql backup job to the same folder. After the job was showed in the sql jobs list, i tried to run it manually by clicking start job. When i refresh the screen under the status field it says "executing job step '0 (unknown)" then in about 5 seconds the status turned into "not running". And i cannot find any error in the log and in the last run job status. The SQLSERVERAGENT is running, the strange thing is another job which is only to update the database can run with the scheduler very well.

2. Whenever i run job then after it finished the last run job status is always unknown.

What will be the solution for the conditions above, please help Sad(

Thank you very much in advance

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Re: Problem with SQL (Job cannot run, Job status not updated)

Deepak Rangarajan

Just restart the sql server agent and see......may be the agent might have been in hanged state.........but i am not sure about it.....

Re: Problem with SQL (Job cannot run, Job status not updated)

Felix Adhitya

Hi deepak,

Thank you very much

I can only try the solution tomorrow morning, just to make sure.

I have tried to run another jobs which is not backup job by using sqlserveragent as well and its working well.

So with this information perhaps you have other opinition please let me know.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow morning, wish me luck Smile

many thanks