Constantijn Enders


I am working on a cube that contains month standings and month totals. This works fine if I select one month.

It goes wrong when I do a year to date selection because it sums up the month standings.

How can I make a cube that does sum up the month total but only returns the last month standings.

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Constantijn Enders

Re: Month's end

Deepak Puri

Hi Constantijn,

If you configure the "month standings" measure (I don't know its details) with the aggregate function: LastNonEmpty, and you use Aggregate() rather than Sum() in your "year to date" calculation, does that work


SQL Server 2005 Books Online
Configuring Measure Properties

Measures have properties that enable you to define how the measures function and to control how the measures appear to users.


Property Definition


Determines how measures are aggregated. For more information, see Aggregation Functions.



Retrieves the value of the last non-empty child member.


Re: Month's end

Mosha Pasumansky

Or, depending on your data, you may want to use more optimal LastChild aggregation function.