hi all,

i have a large table in sql server 2005 (it has about 6 columns and 10 million records).

i need to work in a linear way on all the records (i know it sounds dumb but i need to work on all records).

now, obviously when trying to work on this table sql server get stuck for timeout or something like that...

i've noticed that a simple function like "select top 100 * from ExportTable" still works.

is there any way to have sql send me the data when it access it so that i'll still be able to proccess it on the same time, i basically work using dataset so that fixing the timeout wont be helpfull since windows probably wont allow me to load this amount of data into memory.

can any1 help


Re: data access to large tables in sql 2005

Madhu K Nair

this is not so huge table as far as SQL Server is concerned.... I think the problem is with the Indexing of the table.. post the structure and indexes on the table ...