Hi, I use our remote host sql server services for our databases. I have one that is live, and one that is staging, and periodically need to update the staging database with the data, tables and stored procedures of the live. However, I can't seem to get the two to import/export to eachother. I have tried turning off the Copy User Permissions, and all that, and it ends up giving me a failed message after appearing to work initially. Most times, it does copy over some data, or deletes tables/SP's, but doesn't follow all the way through.

Does this sound familiar Anything I may need to look at that I'm doing wrong

I noticed "mirroring" in another thread. Would this automatically keep staging up-to-date with my live database If so, that may be the ticket, as long as I can get the two to share data.


Re: SQL import/export/restore > Mirroring?

Deepak Rangarajan

Yes you can go for Database Mirroring which is a new feature available in SQL 2005 if you want to automatically copy and restore the data from one database in one server to another database in another server in that case the destination servers db will be in restoring state and hence cannot be read or modified, if you wish to read the same you need to create a daatbase snapshot and then read through the datas in the mirrored db............

You also have another option for performing the automatic copy and restore operation and it is Log Shipping in

SQL 2005.......In log shipping the source db is backed up and copied to destination server and restored with standby option so that the destination db will be in Read-Only state.........

refer this link,