I am at the step of "Adding an Attribute and Defining Display Folders" where I am experiencing problems. The steps are:

2. In the Attributes pane, select the following attributes by holding down
the CTRL key to select multiple attributes, and then in the Properties
window, set the AttributeHierarchyDisplayFolder property for the selected attributes to "Location":

? City

? Country-Region

? Postal Code

? State-Province

3. In the Hierarchies and Levels pane, click Customer Geography, and then select "Location" as the value of the DisplayFolder property in the
Properties window.

The problem is that there are no choices in the DisplayFolder property of the Customer Geography hierarchy. I do not know how to force "Location" into the property drop down list. The rest of the tutorial has been fine up to this point. What am I missing

Re: Problem with Lesson 3 in the Analysis Services Tutorial

Chu Xu

I would guess probably you missed something when defining the cube (Lesson 2). All I can suggest is to start from scratch and do it again carefully following the tutorial instructions.

Re: Problem with Lesson 3 in the Analysis Services Tutorial

Mary Potapova


i think you should be able to just type in the Location as the value for the display folder in the properties window (as i'd expect that in addition to picking from the list of available values, you should be able to also enter a new one).

hope this helps,