Hi ppl

I just started with all this 'replication' subject and run into some 'stange ' problem. I suscesfully set-up publisher and distributor on one computer. create subscriber on another. And seems that this is working with no errors as I see in Replication monitor, details. All agent turned to verbose output and showing no errors at all. but the strange problem that the database does not (!) appear at subscriber ( ) I mean - no tables, no stored procedures, no nothing - how it can be possible What I'm doing wrong Or what I should do

P.S. Forgot to add: Both servers running latest SQL server 2005 with latest Service Pack. Subscribtion of type 'push'

Re: Newbe question about replication

Aline Zemp

Hi Jasper

I think, you're talking about merge replication.
One question:
Have you generated a snapshot before synchronizing

kind regards