Y Jamal

What do i need to setup database mirroring for 2 servers

Re: Database Mirroring Required

Deepak Rangarajan

Hi Jamal,
Pls refer the below link for setting up database mirroring,
http://sql-articles.com/articles/intdbmrr.htm - Prerequisites
http://sql-articles.com/articles/lship/config-lship.htm - Configuring Database Mirroring
http://sql-articles.com/articles/ad-dbmrr.htm - Pros and Cons of Database Mirroring
http://sql-articles.com/articles/dbmrrlchg.htm - Role Change in Database Mirroring

Ensure that you have the same service accounts in both the servers (principal and mirror) In the above link I have configured mirroring using local system account but in real time scenarios you need to use a same sql service account preferably a domain account ! Pls read through the prerequisites before configuring mirroring ! Feel free to ask any questions !!!
- Deepak