I have created a number of reports where I need to display database elements in the Header record. I have been using the reportitems feature to get them to display there. When I preview the report the header looks fine; however, when the report is exported to pdf or printed out the header information completly disappears.

Any suggestions would be great.

Re: Disappearing data elements in the header



While displaying the data fileds in the Header you are using report items and using those in the text box of the Report header then the textbox has the Repeat With property.Set it to the data region with which the report item need to be repeated.Previously I tried this it is looking good in the preview When i am exporting the data fileds are displaying in the first page only not displaying in the consecutive pages of report.Can you try by setting the Repeat with property.


Re: Disappearing data elements in the header

Shyam Sundar

Using RepeatWith property is not an ideal solution because the cause for a new page creation need not necessarily be the data region that spans more than 1 page. So create a new hidden report parameter and have the default value of that as the one which you have used in your hidden report item.