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I am currently using Visual Studio 2005: Business Intelligence Development Studio to create an Integration Services Package.

The package contains several containers, within each container there is a ¡®foreach loop container¡¯ and within the ¡®foreach loop container¡¯ there is a script component, execute component and another script component.

Each of the three components is connected together by single connectors.

My issue arises when I disable a container and then enable the container; the connectors between the components disappear (e.g. are not visible) but do exist as I can not create another connector between the components. When I attempt to create the connector again between the components I receive the error message. This tells me the connectors are present but not visible.

TITLE: Microsoft Visual Studio

Cannot create connector.
Only one workflow can exist between the same two executables.



Can someone kindly explain why this is happening and how to resolve this issue

I can not change the connector types from success to completion or vice versa because the connectors are not visible for me to select them.

Many Thanks

Re: Connector between executables dissapears

David Frommer

I have had this happen quite frequently. The only solution I found was to exit and restart BIDS.

Re: Connector between executables dissapears



Thanks very much for your response. The resolution works.


Re: Connector between executables dissapears


I had the same problem and found that if you collapse the container - whether it's a group container or a loop container - and then expand it again, the connectors all reappear.