We have few branches with individual dbs are sitting in the branches itself. Periodically all the data need to be updated to a single HQ database. At the moment, all the tables's primary key are unique and each branch will have branch ID's in the transaction tables.

e.g. Branch1 data need to be updated to HQ db. However, HQ db records which are related to Branch 1 data only need to be updated back to Branch 1. other branch records should not goto Branch1.

Similaryly other branch records need to be updated/replicated back to HQ database. And only records related to the particular branch need to be updated from HQ (if any changes made)..

At the moment, i can do simple replication from one db to another db only... Can anyone guide/give suggestions on how to go about doing this If possible, please give steps involved...


Re: Replication using SQL server 2000 (SP4) .. urgent...

Peng Song


I assume you would like the HQ db at headquarter to be the publisher.

If different branch corresponds to different tables in HQ db, you can just choose to subscribe the corresponding articles from the subscriber. If different branch corresponds to the same tables in HQ db, you can use row filter (see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms151775.aspx).

Since you will need to change data at both HQ and branches, you may consider to use either merge replication or tran replication with updatable subscriber.