I have two SSAS 2005 databases on server A that I'm trying to syncronize to server B and have the sync process for each run at the same time. However, the sync process fails with following error:

File system error: Error opening file; \\ \D:\OLAP\Data\ABC.0.db\0.CryptKey.bin is not a disk file or file is not accessible.

Errors in the metadata manager. Processing for the database will be disabled because an error occurred while loading the 'ABC' database cryptography key. One possible reason for this error is that the service account has changed.

The error from the log file is: T h e d a t a b a s e c r y p t o g r a p h i c k e y c o u l d n o t b e l o a d e d :

\ \ \ D : \ O L A P \ D a t a \ ABC. 0 . d b \ 0 . C r y p t K e y . b i n

I'm using an XMLA script inside a SSIS package that runs from SQL Server Agent to execute the sync process for each database (2 separate jobs). Both SSAS servers are 64-bit with SSAS 2005 SP2. The SQL Server Agent jobs are running on a 32-bit server with SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.2047.00.

After the sync process fails for both databases I cannot sucessfully sync either database individually (via the SQL Server Agent job or using the Synchronization wizard) unless I delete the database on the target server first.

I also tried to sychronize two databases on different servers to the same target server, and the second database to start the sync process failed with the same errors as above.

Can more than one database get synchronized on a target server at the same time

Re: Sync process fails with error that cryptographic key could not be loaded

Mick Anderson

Have noticed the exact behaviour on my X64 environment. Have a SSIS package which loops through a list of AS database running the synchronise command. The workaround we have currently is to restart the destination AS instance, if the sync fails then run it again, usually works the second time round. This is a real pain though.