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Hi all,

Let say I have a machine with 1 CPU and 1 GB RAM, with 5 other client machines (WinXP) connected to this machine. What is the best combination installed in this machine:

1. SQL Express on Windows XP

2. SQL Express on Windows Server 2003

3. SQL Server (Full) on Windows XP

4. SQL Server (Full) on Windows Server 2003.

Someone said that number 1-4 will perform the same, is this true

I know the answer will be different if the machine has more than 1 CPU or 1 GB RAM, since these are the max limitations of SQL Express. Or the number of clients is quite large, then the obvious choice will be number 3 or 4. Also, for this scenario, lets ignore the fact that SQL Server is (much) more expensive.

So, which one is the most and least efficient/fastest in performance

Thanks for any input.

Re: SQL Express performance on XP

Andrea Montanari


[my $0.02]

as you mentioned you are on budget constraints, I'd avoid a full license of SQL Server 2005 if you do not miss the additional features/services there provided, and I'd avoid installing a Standard edition, even if supported, on a client type OS...

so, in my mind, only scenario 1 and 2 are in contest... if you can afford the Win2003 licence cost, I'd prefer it over a client type OS as, even if XP is stable and well designed, on a Server type OS you have much more robustness and security features provided..

as regard performance, they should compare as well but you should not take this design strategy for your choice over a database server, as you should better consider robustness, security, availibility, etc...

[/my $0.02]