MSDN Student

I execute a report in BIDS and I also deploy and execute the same report from the browser. I felt that the report was taking a longer time in report server.

Upon attaching the profiler, I notice that when the report is executed from BIDS, it fires only 4 queries whereas the same report fires 5 queries from report server.

Can it be that BIDS does some type of caching and services the report preview from its own memory without firing the MDX to the server (perhaps because of using local cube concept )

or (more likely) something is wrong at my end.

Re: Reporting Execution from BIDS vs Report Server

Janos Berke


Yes it does caching. When you would like to run the report with the same parameter as before, it uses that.



Re: Reporting Execution from BIDS vs Report Server

MSDN Student

Does it do caching of the main report data as well

when I execute the MDX query through BIDS, I see that one query to render the matrix is not appearing in the profiler (even though the report is displayed by the BIDS).