Setup: Reporting Services and Analysis Services are on the same server. Active Directory User. Default configuration of Reporting Services.

Problem: Reporting Server does not apply Analysis Services Role after login.


I have created a report that retreives data from the Analysis Service. I created a role and added my user company/myUserName to the role.

On the Reporting Server I set the data source to :

* Credentials supplied by the user running the report
Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source

Internally when I connect devsql2005/Reports/ReportName I get the user and password fields. When I fill them in I get the report but I can see all the data while my role was restricted to see only few results.

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong Any articles or tutorials on how to setup and deploy solutions where Report Server is talking to Analysis Services and NOT Sql Server.

Thank You,

Pavel Hlobil

Re: Reporting Services authenticating with Analysis Services

Teo Lachev

It is not the client (in this case Reporting Services) that applies the SSAS roles. SSRS just sends the Windows account to the SSAS server which in turn figures out what role the user belongs to. Are you sure that these credentials don't belong to another role, e.g. Local admins What happens if you run another browser using Run As and plug in the same credentials

Re: Reporting Services authenticating with Analysis Services

Pavel Hlobil

I used the RUNAS command and typed in the users credentials and it the ROLE was correctly applied.

Thank you for the suggestion.