Apologies if this has been posted before and feel free to point me to an existing thread if it has.

I currently have a dev, stage and live environment for a package

i have created a load.dtsconfig file that contains various bits such as connection strings, email to, from, etc which i created via the package configurations in the dev package. I then made a few changes via XML Notepad

I went to use the same config file on stage and decided to add a further property. I selected package configurations on stage and selected edit it the package configurations box, added the property and clicked finish. However it reset all the existing properties to the values that exist in the actual package so all the changes i made via XML notepad were overwritten.

Is there anyway you can get the Package configurations editor to retain the values from the .dtsconfig file rather than reading in the values from the package



Re: Editing .dtsconfig files



The editor is a really a simple sample file builder. It uses the values in the package at the time, so if the package was loaded with that same config applied it would be OK.

I would make a point of keeping the files the same structure across environments, but obviously the values differ.

To be fair I normally maintain them in notepad, it is easy enough to knock up new entries, it is just like an XPath, and you can see the names of stuff in the UI.

Re: Editing .dtsconfig files


I posted a (really) simple configuration editor here: http://agilebi.com/cs/files/folders/utilities/entry17.aspx

It's pretty basic, and as Darren noted, Notepad works pretty well too.