Hi, I have 3 report parameters.

If a user selects 'value1' from the first parameter list then parameter list 2 & 3 should be open for the user to make their selection. BUT if the user selects 'value2' from parameter 1 then only parameter list 2 should be open and parameter list 3 invisible. Is this possible

Re: How do you make a Report Parameter Invisible???


i'm afraid it is not possible, i have the problem like that. to solve this ,

if your parameter @exp source is a dataset;

1- select bla, bla,... from bla

union all

select 'All',0,...

then you must set from report parameters page the default value of this pameter '0' if it is multi select '=0'

and in your report dataset query add

'where table1.exp=@exp or 0=@exp'

for multi select

'where table1.exp in(@exp) or 0 in (@exp)' this can help you to inactive the parameter in your query.

if you can solve this visiblity proble please contact meBig Smile

Re: How do you make a Report Parameter Invisible???

adolf garlic

just have cascading parameters.

have it so that when the special 'filter value' is selected in dropdown 1, then make 2 only have 1 value of 'null' with a label of 'not required' so the user is unable to change it (even though they can still select it)

Re: How do you make a Report Parameter Invisible???


Hi, The cascading parameters is kinda the route I have gone down.

I have entered the below CASE statement in Parameter List 3, so when the user selects 'Pre Defined Grouping' in Parameter 1, they only see 'No Subtotals' in Paramter 3.

CASE WHEN trim((' " & Parameters!Grouping_Criteria.Value & " ') " & ") = 'Pre Defined Grouping' THEN 'No Subtotals' ELSE T1.RepGrouping END AS RepGrouping