In my case I have to log the errors raised by any task in a package to either windows event log, text file or SQL server. Also I need to send an email notifications to a group of people telling them about the error.

Now can I use SSIS package logging for logging the errors into the required destinations. I mean right clicking on the package and selecting Logging, then adding the required log providers and enabling the events for logging into those. I think I have to upfront select the log providers to log the error, I will not have the liberty to log the error to the destination, the name of which is passed as a variable to the package. This is okay with me though.

Now what will a custom log provider help me to do in this case. Also can I somehow configure my package to call the send mail task everytime an error is raised.

Also, one more option can be developing a package that only does the error handling. It will take in the paramters or the error codes and descriptions, the destination to write to and a flag to send mail or not for that particular type of error.

What do you think Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance for your help and time.



Re: SSIS Logs Vs Custom Logs components

Andy Leonard

Hi $wapnil,

That's a lot of options you're considering! And good ones,too.

First off, SSIS's built-in logging uses Connection Managers just like all the other connections. If you want to log to the destination database each time, you should be able to re-use a destination Connection Manager. (The sysdtslog90 table will be created by the logging provider if it does not exist.)

Creating a custom logging solution has some advantages, but rapid application development isn't among them. That said, I often develop custom logging as it gives me exactly what I want, exactly as I want it.

Hope this helps,

Re: SSIS Logs Vs Custom Logs components


If you want to call the send mail task when an error is raised, you can create an Event Handler. In the event handler, you can use any SSIS task that you have available in the main package.



Re: SSIS Logs Vs Custom Logs components


Thanks for the responses,


If I want to write to an event log then I think I have to create a custom component to do that. Writing to a flat file and sql table is all provided in the destination items list.

What do you say

Thanks for your help and time.