We were able to use a dynamic connection string in the report designer, but once we deployed to the report server we are getting the following error:

  • Error during processing of the ConnectString expression of datasource ¡®Dynam¡¯. Has anyone experienced this, and how did you fix it

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    Hi Kimberly,

    We need to use dynamic connection string(inclusive of username and password) for one of our reports. Could you please let us know how were you able to use a dynamice connection string



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    Check if your datasource name has a space in it - it won't work once deployed! Same thing happened to me!

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    The rub with dynamic connection strings also is that you get varying levels of Error Feedback depending on at what point you get the error, leading to the most vague of messages which is "cannot connect to datasource X " check your credentials for datasources and make sure they will work for each instance.

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    This article was a big help for us on why the dynamic connection string worked locally but gave us problems once we deployed the report to the report server.