When I am giving the command like Quarter(DateOfOrder) in new named dimension expression column , one error is showing ' Quarter is not recognised built in function ' . Please help me to find out the quarter of Date of Order column..

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Re: Problem while giving Quarter function

Will Riley

You need to use an expression such as


To get the result you require

Re: Problem while giving Quarter function


Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot

Sir Please can u give me a help for the following problem while deployment of the project

Error 4

When I am deploying the project I got the following error. Please help me sir

Errors in the OLAP storage engine: An error occurred while processing the 'Product Tran Header' partition of the 'Product Tran Header' measure group for the 'Test' cube from the productreport database. 0 0

I done the following steps

1. added new measure selecting new source table

2. selected one column dateoforder

3. Add new dimension as without using data source

4. selected server time dimension

5. Selected Year/Month/Quarter/date

6 Selected fiscal year

7.Selected dimension usage in cube desgn

8. selected time dimension and selected regular relation, Granulary attribute as Date

9. Measure group table 'Product tran header' new measure group

10 selected measure group column as dateoforder.

after that while deploying the above mentioned error will come

Please help

Re: Problem while giving Quarter function

Will Riley

As far as I know, I answered your question. Why have you answered that with a completely different question

Re: Problem while giving Quarter function



I wan to know how to give relationship Servertime Dimension with the column in the table DateOfOreder. When I am giving this with the mentioned step I got the error. Please help me sir...