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Dear all,

We have just configured a SAN system and 2 SQLServer clustered(A/P).

The vendor has mapped 2 logical drives each one is accessed by each SQLServer


Logical Drives on SAN :- H: and G:

Server S1 have accesses to H: and Server S2 have accesses to G: but at a time we can see both logical drive on each system but can access there mapped drives.

Is this possible to have 2 logical drives on each server mapped with each other on the cluster server.

Server 1 having drive H: and G:

Server 2 having drive H: and G:

Note : Vendor told us that there is a BUG in SQLServer 2005 that only one drive can be mapped with each sqlserver in a cluster.

Please help

Is there can Document Released from Microsoft Regarding Clusting SQLServer2005 Please the link.


Mohd Sufian

Re: How many drives can be mapped to 2 SQLServer on cluster


This is not a bug, but functionality. You can only add one drive to each cluster group. If the drive is already used by one SQL server instance, you can not use the same with other instance.

Here is a webcast on 'How to custer SQL Server 2005':

And here is a white paper: FamilyID=818234dc-a17b-4f09-b282-c6830fead499&DisplayLang=en

Re: How many drives can be mapped to 2 SQLServer on cluster

Tom Phillips

This is technically not a problem with SQL. Most SAN's don't allow you to point more than 1 computer to 1 logical volume on the SAN.