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         We have some doubts regarding NSTL guidelines for motorola Q. Our application is managed application. Which ocasionally connects to server. It is very helpful if we can get answers urgently.

  1. Hopper Test C How can we make it run on Smartphone 5.0 (Motorola Q) Is this tool only applicable for pocket pc 2003
  2. Application Verifier Test Tool C Is this tool only applicable for unmanaged code If we are using .NET as the development environment, do we still have to use this tool
  3. Call Interupts C Is their a special way of handling Call Interrupts in the application or the default behaviour provided by the device (Moto Q) is OK
  4. Send Key (Green key) on the device C What is the expected behaviour of this key when the application is running Do we have to handle it separately in the application
  5. Is their a maximum space limit allowed for creation of the database files for an application
  6. Is their any specific utility like MaxfileCNT which NSTL uses for checking the behaviour of the application when there is no space available on the device

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Re: NSTL Guidelines for Motorola Q

Michael Koster

Hi Rashmi

1) The readme.txt file that comes with the hopper tool descibes how to use hopper on a smartphone. Some usefull infos about hopper can be found at
2) running Application Verifyer does not apply to managed applications.
3 and 4) The default behavoir of the device is fine - you should not change this.
5) The logo guidelines does not say anything about how much space an application may use.
6) Check with NSTL.

For the details, see


Re: NSTL Guidelines for Motorola Q


thanks a lot Michael, we just got our first build passed in NSTL. Now we are starting with porting.

thanks for being there always to answer my queries


Rashmi Todkar