I have been asked by a person who is going to interview me to supply this informationl;

'Come prepared to be able to talk me through how to set up an SQL driven .NET website on a server.

You are given a webroot folder containing root files such as the web.config and all the files for a .NET website and a data folder which contains an .mdf and .ldf files.

Talk me through what each of these folders contain and what you would do with them in order to set up the website on a server such that you would be able to open a browser type the URL you have configured and visit that website.'

I come from a Cisco background and no nothing about what she is asking. Is it unreasonable of me to expect to be able to gain this information in 2 days Can you tell me the best place to look for this knowledge

Thanks for any help.

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Arnie Rowland

This might help:

Data -.NET Tutorials for SQL Data

Re: Job interview question


What title is this position that you are interviewing for