Nikita K.

Hi, all!

I am writing the VDI application to allow backup/restore MS SQL Server 2005. I would want to backup/restore remote servers as well as local. I have local instance of MS SQL 2005 and remote. Local instance has MSSQL2005_ZORG instance name, remote uses default (so it supposed to be MSSQLSERVER).

While connection to those server via SQL Server Management studio i see local server as "ZORG\MSSQL2005_ZORG" and remote as "VM2000SRVZ2".

When i try to create VIrtualDeviceSet via CreateEx i pass "MSSQL2005_ZORG" as lpInstanceName parameter and all works fine. But I could't create same device set for remote 'MSSQLSERVER' instance. I passed any combination for that, such as "VM2000SRVZ2\MSSQLSERVER", "MSSQLSERVER", "VM2000SRVZ2", "\\VM2000SRVZ2\MSSQLSERVER" and so on. No luck always get VD_E_INSTANCE_NAME (0x80770007).

Any idea


Re: Creating VirtualDeviceSet for Remote SQL Server 2005 failed.


As per the Microsoft Virtual Backup specifications, VDI can be used only on local machines.You can download the specifications from familyid=416f8a51-65a3-4e8e-a4c8-adfe15e850fc&displaylang=en

If u have used VDI for some time, i need ur help.Relpy if you can