I am new to sql and is working with sql server managment 2005 +c# 2005.

My application needs to create a blockdiagram sort of thing say
if in my database i got a table 'Addition' with 'a', 'b', 'c',and the primary key addition_id, and c is related to a and b as c = a+ b.

there is stored procedure name usp_addition which contains this relation. Each time any insert or update is done this sp is executed and all the values are updated for accordingly.
My problem starts in the front end where i need to draw the graphical representation of table addition.

In this graphical representation, I need to draw the labels a, b, c and the arrows from a and b which will connect to c, showing that c has a, b as inputs.

I got the label using dataset and datacolumns but hte problem is how to create the arrows the name of labels (i.e my column names from which the arrow should start and end)

How does I get the information that c as two inputs a, b. I dont need the values since i just want to view the columns in table and which column is input to another column.

Since I need to do this dynamically because my tablename, and the number and name of column would differ does any body knows how to do this.


Re: How to get relation between two feilds of same table

Phil Brammer

You might want to ask this in a C# forum.