We want to add users to an analysis role and for some users we receive a Error and for some not - "Security Mapping not done." (free translated from german to english)

We have tried this from Management Studio and by code - it does not work. While in the Windows Filesystem we can grant file access permissions to the user - and the user is able to login and access the file.

The point is - we can search for the username and check name verifies the correct username - and if we then add the user the domain name disappears in the member list. IF we then lick OK the server report the error.

(And for some users it works and for some not - and there is no difference between them)

On the other hand - if we script the action in management studio and manually modify the membername to include the domain name the alter role XMLA works successfully.

Finally we want to have a programm to sync users in static roles with a other app

What could be wrong

How could we include the domain name in AS management studio

In our programm we add rolemembers with the full qualified name in domain\username format and it does not work

We really need help her.



Systemfehler: Zuordnungen von Kontennamen und Sicherheitskennungen wurden nicht durchgefuhrt. .
(Edit Role - Security OE0)

Program Location:

at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AnalysisServicesClient.SendExecuteAndReadResponse(ImpactDetailCollection impacts, Boolean expectEmptyResults, Boolean throwIfError)
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AnalysisServicesClient.Alter(IMajorObject obj, ObjectExpansion expansion, ImpactDetailCollection impact, Boolean allowCreate)
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server.Update(IMajorObject obj, UpdateOptions options, UpdateMode mode, XmlaWarningCollection warnings, ImpactDetailCollection impactResult)
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server.SendUpdate(IMajorObject obj, UpdateOptions options, UpdateMode mode, XmlaWarningCollection warnings, ImpactDetailCollection impactResult)
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.MajorObject.Update(UpdateOptions options, UpdateMode mode, XmlaWarningCollection warnings)
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.MajorObject.Update()
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.ManagementDialogs.DBRoleViewBase.Update(IMajorObject obj)
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.ManagementDialogs.DBRoleViewGeneral.AlterRole()
at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.ManagementDialogs.DBRoleViewBase.OnRunNow(Object sender)

Re: Cannot Add Members to Role

Bryan C. Smith

Are you clicking the "Check Name" button in the interface from a client system and not the server or are you logged onto the server when you are clicking the "Check Name" button


Re: Cannot Add Members to Role


I am lokal on the server by remote desktop connection.

the check name button is lokal to the analysis services.


Re: Cannot Add Members to Role

Bryan C. Smith

Well, there goes the easy answer :-)

So, you should be adding the members to your role using the fully qualified name (DOMAIN\user). So, I'm wondering if when you push the Check Name button if that is being done through your personal account while adding the user through the SSMS interface (or an AMO script) If that is the case, I wonder if changing the service account on SSAS to your personal account (temporarily) fixes the problem. If it does, you then need to explore why the service account can't authenticate users properly.

Sorry I don't have an answer, but hopefully this provides a starting point.