Hello Guys,

my collegue left the job and I have been chosen to work on his assignments.

He posted this question before and got the answer but I couldn't find a way to implement it in the program. PostID=1726638&SiteID=1

I changed the database a bit as I couldn't understand his logic of putting both PayID and TransNo as this would be a linked table and should have many to many relationship

Code Snippet

TransactionID int Unchecked
TransNo varchar(50) Checked
RefNo nvarchar(50) Checked
FundCodeID smallint Checked
TransAmount decimal(18, 2) Checked
Description varchar(100) Checked
TransPayID (from TransPayLnk Table as foreign key)


Code Snippet
TransPayID int Unchecked
TransNo varchar(50) Checked
TransDate datetime Checked
Operator char(5) Checked
TerminalID tinyint Checked
Flagged char(1) Unchecked
Remarks text Checked
RemarksDate datetime Checked
TPayment decimal(18, 2) Checked


Code Snippet
PaymentID int Unchecked
PayType varchar(50) Checked
Amount decimal(18, 2) Checked
TransPayID (Foreign Key from Tbl_TransPayLnk)

My requirement would stay the same, I would need to put the data from these 3 tables into a single line without duplicating the records and I would need to display them in a DataGridView.

P.S: Would it be possible to have Mixed when a TransPayID is matched in Tbl_payment with more then one record rather then brining cash and cheque.

Thank you all for your help.



Re: extract information from tables


The answer is already available on the given post itself. What exactly you are looking for

Re: extract information from tables


Yes the answer is there but I changed the table structure and though I appreciate the effort of DaleJ but I can't seem to display it like this in a DataGridView Row.
Why don't you check the new table structure and please reply on this.

Thanks for your help