Does Microsoft officially support installing SQL 2005 Express on a server where SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition is already running (a has to keep running).

In case they do, where do i find this official info / note.

Have they released white papers on this matter

I know it is possible to install the two together and that they can coexist, but I am worried about how the two SQL installations wil behave when being updated with patches, security updates, service packs etc. do you run the possibility of them corrupting each other Therefor it is vital to know if Microsoft supports the two running on the same system.

Re: SQL 2005 Express together with SQL 2000 Ent.edt. Microsoft support

Andrea Montanari


AFAIK, SQL Server 2000 can not be SQL Server 2005 aware, as it was released before SQL2005, but SQL Server 2005 is SQL Server 2000 aware..

anyway, as every single instance has it's own binaries and registry entries, updates and service packs will be installed on an instance basis and not on a entire server basis, so no mess will harm your system but shared components..

shared components are thos binaries shared among all instances, such as client tools and some components like SQL-DMO and the like, that are, again, shared among all instances at the higher installed level, and often versioning is based on COM references so, for example, SQL-DMO updates of SQL Server 2000 will not overwrite SQL-DMO references of SQL Server 2005, and the higher SQL-DMO v.2005 will be the one used at server level for all instances..

so the 2 versions never are in conflict as long as Microsoft do not break the COM interfaces (ad I guess they will not )..


Re: SQL 2005 Express together with SQL 2000 Ent.edt. Microsoft support

Mike Wachal - MSFT

Yes we support this. SQL Server is explicitely designed to support having multiple copies installed. Each copy must have a unique instance name, and there are limits on the total number. (16 for SQL Express, 50 for Enterprise) As far as crossing the version boundary, the official list of supported pairings is here.