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We have several large government web sites that we help look after. We recently migrated one of them from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 and are having a problem with our nightly email job in that if it runs for more than an hour then after exactly 1 hour the email job gets a "Timeout expired" message back from SQL Server.

Our batch jobs do run on a different server and connect remotely to our SQL Server DB. I did change the connections - remote query timeout and increased it 10 fold, but this didn't make any difference. Is there any other parameter that may be causing the Timeout expired error after exactly 1 hour

Thanks !

Re: Timeout expired error - SQL Server 2005 error after exactly 1 hour


How is your email job coded Does it use external webcall If so, the default session timeout is 60 minute - which matches your observation.

Do post the exact error message here. It's easier for us to tell the cause.