I have a report that consists of three nested group levels. Each level can be expanded/collapsed. I wanted to have at each level the summed values:


+ Group Header 1 Sum1 Sum2 etc..
+ Group Header 2 Sum1 Sum2 etc..
+ Group Header 3 Sum1 Sum2 etc..

Rather I have had to output the aggregated values like so ..

+ Group
Header 1
+ Group Header 2
+ Group Header 3
Total Group Footer Sum1 Sum2 etc..
Total Group Footer Sum1 Sum2 etc..
Total Group Footer Sum1 Sum2 etc..

Is there a way to display the aggregated values at the header level of the grouping. I thought this could be possible if I could hide the Group Footer and directly reference the footer sum total values in the header. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: aggregates displayed in group header.


Aggregate functions should work in either the header or the footer and return the same results, e.g. you do not need to reference the footer in the header to return aggregate values calculated on a group. Try setting the value of a textbox in your group header to the same aggregate function you are using in your footer.'