Hi there U all,

for the third time I am installing SQL-Server 2005 express and i have an error.

Cannot install sql because .NET 2.0 framework is missing allthough I have the .NET 2.0 framework allready installed and even re-installed it too. When trying again I get the message that there isn't an SSL-certificate present.

My question is, would this probably cause the error when installing


Grtz and thx,


Re: cannot install sql server 2005 as SSL-certificate is missing

Mike Wachal - MSFT

Hi Thomas,

It's hard to tell what the problem might be without an actual error message, but there are a number of questions about install errors related to IIS in the forums that you could search for. Here are a couple: PostID=90906&SiteID=1 PostID=892757&SiteID=1