Hi everyone,

I've got the following problem.

I'm trying to pull data to the device by means of RDA and I faced the following issue. When trying to run the same query twice I get completely different results.

The first one takes much more time to run. It takes about a minute while the second time the same query takes about a second!!! Furthermore, MS SQL Profiler says that the first query comes to MS SQL only about 30-40 seconds after it was posted by the device. (emulator, device connected via ActiveSync or WiFi - it doesn't matter).

Could you advise what's the problem and what's the point I missed

Thanks in forward

Re: SQL CE 3.0 RDA Performance


The connection goes via IIS, and the first time a database connection must be established and other objects created on the IIS server and database server. The second time all these preparations do not need to take place.