Hi Everyone,

I have a question in regards to SQL Server 2000 and its Query Analyzer. I am trying to create certain queries and I need a Northwind database to work with. However, I can't seem to add the database to the dbs' combo box. Basically, I could not find the way to add this database to the analyzer so I can practice with it. Only databases that are there are the system's ones: Master, Model, MSDB and tempdb.

So how to add this database to the analyzer's settings

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Query Analyzer -- Northwind dbs?

Samuel Lester - MSFT

Have you created any databases once you installed SQL My guess is that you didn't select the sample databases when you installed, so they aren't on the machine. Go to Add/Remove Programs and add the sample databases. Then they should appear in the dropdown for you.

Sam Lester (MSFT)