I want to know whether inbuilt WKT WKB support is there in SQL SERVER 2005. Also, what are the functions available for conversion like we have in Oracle like


We could not find any built in support for WKT WKB in SQL Server 2005, However with third party tool this support can be extended. E.g. Spatial Ware tool by MapInfo.

Spatial Ware supports data extract and import in both the OGC Well Known Binary (WKB) and OGC Well Known Text (WKT) formats. MapInfo¡¯s commitment to open standards helps ensure inter-operability between MapInfo products and the products of other independent software vendors. Following functions can be used: HG_AsText, HG_AsBinary, HG_GeometryFromBinary, HG_GeometryFromText.

Re: WKT WKB support in SQL SERVER 2005

Greg Y

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