Peter Cheesewright

I am having trouble getting to grips with UAC.

I wrote a simple install.exe program that copies the application to C:\Program Files\Test and the application's data files to c:\ProgramData\Test. That seemed to work fine. However, when I try to run my application, it virtualizes C:\ProgramData\Test.

I thought that all users had full access rights (or do I permissions ) to C:\ProgramData so virtualization should not happen.

If I want to use an install program to avoid virtualization, what should I do I have tried reading the "Windows Vista Application Development Requirements for User Account Control Compatibility" but it is a) hard to read and b) does not address this problem.

I want to install so that all users can access the same data.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Security for Applications in Windows Vista UAC Virtualization


Your installer needs to set appropriate ACLs on c:\ProgramData\Test to allow all users to write there. Usually this is a case of assigning the Users group Modify (Read/Write) permissions.